AI researcher/ developer - Công Ty Cổ Phần Eyeq Tech Việt Nam

Cập nhật 23/04/2024 Mức lương: USD
AI researcher/ developer

AI researcher/ developer – Computer Vision/ Machine Learning Intern (Full time)

Job Description

- Engage in algorithm & product development in Computer Vision, specifically Face Detection – Face Recognition technologies of EyeQ
- Research and integrate applications of Machine Learning – Deep Learning Neural Network into EyeQ’s Computer Vision technologies
- Research and work under direct supervision and guidance of Mr. Tuan Thi – Ph.D in Computer Vision from New South Wales University of Australia

 Preferred Skills (not required)

- Solid understanding of fundamental algorithms in Machine Learning: classification (nearest neighbor, decision tree)
- Familiar with Deep Learning and Convolutional Neural Network
- Experience with at least 1 image processing framework: OpenCV, TensorFlow

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